We assist professionals and businesses in the negotiation, drafting and revision of contracts under Italian law safeguarding their personal and commercial interests

Competitiveness in today’s globalised economy is achieved by looking at opportunities outside national borders. For small businesses this is particularly difficult to achieve as they are unable to deal with the implications of another legal system.

This is even more true in a European context where the Single Market has made commercial relations with companies based in other European countries more frequent. The high degree of complexity of the contracts governed by Italian law concluded by foreign companies requires to carefully examine all aspects that come into consideration.

Entertaining a close collaboration with our clients allows us to achieve a comprehensive picture of all the important aspects of the matter. We stand alongside foreign professionals and businesses that wish to either invest in, or enter the Italian market by assisting them in their contractual arrangements.


The negotiating phase is a particularly delicate moment which can create obligations for both parties even before the contract comes to light. At the end of the negotiation phase, it is important to ensure that the interests of both parties are clearly represented in the written document in order to avoid conflicting interpretations of the contract clauses. For this reason, the contractual technique used plays a fundamental role.

Our law firm is alongside its clients both in the negotiation and drafting phases in order to ensure that their interests and goals are always safeguarded.

There are many causes that over time may affect the contractual relationship and make a revision necessary. An example to this regard was the pandemic emergency caused by the coronavirus which led to the revision of existing agreements, both at Italian and international level.

The law firm assists its clients when they need to renegotiate existing agreements under Italian law.

By way of example, the activities carried out by the law firm include:

  • Revision and renegotiation of existing contracts under Italian law
  • Drafting of contracts for the purchase and sale of goods or services
  • Drafting of procurement contracts
  • Drafting of agency and franchising contracts
  • Drafting of non-disclosure agreements
  • Consulting on, and drafting of contracts for services offered through Web and Apps
  • Drafting and advice on consumer contracts
  • Negotiation and drafting of settlement agreements



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