Debt recovery in Italy can be a challenging experience for foreign professionals and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Our law firm is alongside its clients in taking the necessary steps aimed at recovering outstanding debt in Italy

In times of economic instability and credit crunch, receiving timely payments of invoices that have been issued is essential for the survival of any professional or commercial activity. Therefore, to avoid negative repercussion on the carrying of business it’s essential that the creditor takes immediate action by carrying out all the activities necessary for the swift recovery of any outstanding debt.

Knowing what are the necessary steps that need to be taken in such an instance becomes even more difficult in cases where the debtor is located in another country. Different laws and language add even more difficulties to an already complex scenario.

Our law firm based in Perugia, Italy, provides assistance to professionals and businesses in recovering outstanding debts in all those cases where the debtor is located in Italy or Italian law applies.


When aiming at recovering an outstanding debt, adopting the correct strategy is extremely important. Oftentimes the goal is to recover what is due within a short period of time and, when possible, avoiding going to trial.

The law firm assists its clients in defining the appropriate strategy by assessing all the available options to swiftly recover what is owed by the debtor. We will make first contact with the debtor putting it on notice as required by Italian law. We will assist in the mediation with the debtor in order to make sure that our client’s interests are protected.

If an out-of-court solution is not possible, the law firm is at the client’s side in taking all those actions aimed at recovering the debt by compulsory means.

By way of example, the activities carried out by the lawyer may include:

  • Formal notice of default
  • Injunction
  • Order of payment procedure
  • Foreclosure
  • Preservation order request



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