We assist our clients before Italian Courts and in out-of-court matters standing at their side every step of the process to protect their rights and defend their interests

The onset of a dispute may cause particular tension to the affected parties due to the negative effects it may have on their business activity or private life. Also, the necessity to maintain a good relationship with a business partner, or the willingness to avert spending valuable time and important resources to deal with a dispute makes going to trial the least convenient choice.

Choosing the correct course of action is an important decision which needs to be made having regard to the client’s objectives and the elements of the matter at hand.

The law firm provides legal advice for the resolution of disputes in matters where Italian law or jurisdiction applies guaranteeing our intervention in situations of particular complexity and urgency.


When involved in a dispute it is always advisable to obtain an opinion on the merits of the claim, based on an analysis of the documentation substantiating the claim and the opponent’s legal arguments. This is particularly important in order to make sure that the most profitable choice is made having regard to the client’s interest.

Clients may request the intervention of specialised external consultants (e. g. engineers, financial advisors, etc.), which will provide a more complete view on particularly complex matter. The assessment will also comprise a statement of the costs associated with the lawyer’s intervention, the specialised external advisor’s intervention and an estimate of the time required to resolve the dispute.

Alternative dispute resolution procedures (ADRs) such as mediation or negotiation assisted by one or more lawyers are often mandatory steps to bring the dispute before a judge. To ensure that this is an opportunity to resolve the dispute quickly and profitably, it’s essential to be assisted throughout the process.

The law firm offers its expertise in the resolution of disputes in:

  • Mediation proceedings
  • Negotiation procedures assisted by one or more lawyers
  • Arbitration



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