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The firm assists businesses in ensuring their compliance to the Italian data protection laws and addressing the legal consequences of any violation


Data protection laws enacted by the European and Italian legislator have forced many businesses to pay more attention to the way they handle their clients’ data.

The imposed data protection requirements add further complexity to the day-to-day operations of small businesses and failure to comply can cause irreparable damages to the reputation of those in breach.

Diritti e Beni digitali - PER Legal - Studio Legale Avv. Elton Qemali
Diritti e Beni digitali - PER Legal - Studio Legale Avv. Elton Qemali


The firm assists businesses with their compliance to the EU and Italian data protection laws including:

Data protection compliance audits.
Drafting internal data protection documentation under Italian law.
Drafting privacy policies for websites and applications.
Helping businesses in minimizing contractual risks when dealing with clients, employees, joint controllers, and data processors.
Staff training on data protection principles and requirements.

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