The law firm assists individuals, professionals and businesses in protecting their privacy and addressing the legal consequences of its violation in Italy

The regulatory intervention of the European and Italian legislator on privacy has forced professionals and companies to devote more attention to the protection of privacy.

The many requirements of the GDPR can add complexity to the normal business operations small and medium enterprises. Moreover, the illicit use of personal data can cause irreparable damage not only to the reputation but also to the psychological and physical well-being of those affected.

It is therefore essential to obtain practical solutions to the issues that arise on a daily basis.


Compliance Audit

The objective when conducting an audit is to have an overview on the company’s level of compliance with privacy regulations.  It has the advantage of gaining a picture on, among other things:

  • the existing data processing activities carried out by the company
  • who are the data subjects data is collected from
  • what types of data are collected
  • for what purpose those personal data are collected
  • what are the methods used to collect, save and transfer personal data

The audit process is carried out in agreement with the client, who will be able to choose how and when to carry out the audit.

Any processing of personal data must have a legal basis that makes it lawful.

The law firm assists companies:

  • in verifying compliance with the GDPR and Italian privacy laws with regard to the legal basis chosen for processing
  • defining, for each processing activity, the legal basis under which the processing of personal data is based.

The GDPR imposes a high degree of transparency on data controllers towards data subjects. This is even more true if personal data is collected on the website or mobile application.

The law firm assists companies and professionals by offering advice in verifying the compliance of existing privacy policies and cookies with the GDPR and Italian privacy laws.

A correct management of contracts is of fundamental importance to reduce the risks linked to the unlawful processing of personal data, thus preventing the violation of the GDPR and Italian privacy laws. For this reason, each data controller must pay particular attention to contractual relations with suppliers, joint data controllers, data processors and, lastly, customers.

The assistance of a lawyer may be useful in:

  • assessing the compliance of contracts with joint data processors and data controllers with the privacy regulations
  • drawing up contracts with partners and data processors in accordance with GDPR and Italian privacy laws
  • prepare privacy policies for contracts with consumers, employees and suppliers
The GDPR requires data controllers to maintain a series of documents relating to their compliance with the regulations and, if necessary, to have them reviewed by the competent Italian data protection authority. The principle of accountability therefore plays a particular role within the company’s broader privacy strategy.

Our law firm assists companies in taking the appropriate measures in demonstrating corporate compliance with the Italian privacy laws and GDPR.

Privacy is a fundamental right of every citizen. Any violation can have repercussions that go beyond mere economic harm and negatively affect the physical and mental well-being of individuals.

The assistance of a lawyer may be required to protect fundamental rights of those whose privacy has been breached. We are alongside those who have been harmed by the unlawful use of their personal data.


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