The law firm based in Italy works alongside foreign investors and start-ups entering the Italian market. We provide contractual advice and legal assistance ensuring our clients make a profitable investment decision

Entering a foreign market can be challenging experience if you are a start-up considering to expand your operations in Italy or an investor looking to invest in early-stage Italian companies. For the successful outcome of the investment receiving thorough legal advice is paramount. This includes both the initial negotiation phases and the medium- and long-term management of the established relationships.

The law firm provides dedicated and flexible advice on Italia law to foreign start-ups and investors when entering the Italian market.


In the course of its normal business activities, the start-up will have to negotiate, conclude and manage a series of contractual agreements with customers, suppliers and employees. Small businesses, or those that are still in their early stages, often do not have professional figures to assist them in carrying out these activities. This is even more true if the start-up tries to establish itself in a foreign market.

The law firm supports start-ups in the management of their contractual relations with Italian suppliers, clients and employees by assisting the company in the critical stages pertaining negotiating and drafting such agreements.

For the entrepreneurial project to succeed, the start-up must have easy access to finance.

This funding can come from various sources such as:

  • Self-financing
  • Family and friends
  • Banks
  • FinTech platforms dealing with Crowdfunding (equity or lending)
  • Private investors in the form of Angels or VCs

Even the simplest of these forms of financing must be treated carefully in order to better define the implications that this could have for the company, also in the perspective of subsequent fundraising rounds.

The law firm based in Perugia offers its services throughout Italy supporting start-ups in considering the legal consequences that any form of financing may have on the company in order to protect its interests.

By way of example, the activity carried out by the law firm may include:

  • Assistance in negotiations with clients and suppliers
  • Protection of intellectual property
  • Legal advice in relations with external lenders
  • Assistance and drafting of consumer contracts
  • Drafting of privacy documentation for websites, apps and data protection compliance
  • Legal assistance on financing through Venture Capital, Business Angels and Lending Crowdfunding portals in Italy


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